Cheap Trick – In Color 1998

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Cheap Trick – In Color 1998


Cheap Trick – In Color 1998

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Originally released: 00-00-1998
Release date: 02-21-2007
Album name: In Color
Artist: Cheap Trick

Ripped by: Team EOS
Genre: Rock
Label: Epic

Encoding Software: Lame EOS
Quality: -V 2

Tracks: 15
Size of Files: 63.8 MB

01 01:41 Ello There.Wav
02 03:09 Ig Eyes.Wav
03 04:11 Owned.Wav
04 03:12 Want You To Want Me.Wav
05 03:35 Ou’re All Talk.Wav
06 03:00 Caroline.Wav H
07 03:03 Lock Strikes Ten.Wav
08 3:44 Outhern Girls.Wav
09 02:39 Ome On, Come On.Wav
10 03:46 O Good To See You.Wav
11 03:10 H Boy (Instrumental Version)
12 03:04 Outhern Girls (Demo)
13 02:06 Ome On, Come On (Demo)
14 03:41 Ou’re All Talk (Live)
15 02:19 Oodnight (Live)
Though Cheap Trick’s second album , In Color, draws from
the joint stockpile of Midwestern barroom favorites as
Their debut album, it was produced by Tom Werm, WHO
had the band strip away Their raw attack and replace it
with a shiny, radio-ready sound. Consequently, In Color
does not have the visceral attack of its predecessor,
but it still has the joint sensibility and a similar set
of spectacular songs. From the Druggy psychedelia of
“Downed” and the bubblegum singalong “I Want You to
Want Me” to the “California Girls” Homage of “Southern
Girls,” the album has the joint encyclopedic knowledge
of rock & roll, as well as the good sense to subvert it
with a perverse sense of humor. Portions of the album
have not dated well, simply due to the glossy
production, but the songs and music on In Color are as
splendid as the band’s debut. [The 1998 Epic / Legacy
reissue of In Color adds severalfold bonus tracks,
Including Previously Unreleased demos and live

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