Hair 1968 London cast MP3
Download stage production of hair
Hair 1968 London cast MP3 Download stage production of hair
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Hair 1968 London cast MP3
VA - Hair - London Stage Production (1968) @ 320
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Hair - London Stage Production

pw = purgatory

mp3@320 kb/s

all artwork included

"America's first tribal love-rock musical" went the advertising, and nobody could argue with that.

Hair opened on Broadway in 1968 and immediately became a smash, although no one could quite discern what it was about. Something like, "War is bad, drugs are good, racism bites the big one, and nudity is nice." Like the show itself, not all the sentiments expressed on the album have dated well, but the quality of the music is undeniable. The songs weren't really classifiable as rock, but they accomplished what all good pop songs set out to do: stick in the craw. Indeed, several of its tracks later became hits for pop acts, including "Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In" (Fifth Dimension), "Hair" (Cowsills), and "Good Morning, Starshine" (Oliver). This re-release compiles the original 1968 London cast recording with 1970's Fresh Hair and includes songs cut from the original stage production. This recording even has little Elaine Page somewhere in the chorus! So get out the love beads, the bong and bellbottoms, and tune in, turn on and let your hair down.

1. Aquarius
2. Donna
3. Hashish
4. Sodomy
5. Coloured Spade
6. Manchester, England
7. Ain't Got No
8. Dead End
9. Sheila Franklin/I Believe In Love
10. The Rally
11. Air
12. Initials
13. I Got Life
14. Going Down
15. Hair
16. My Conviction
17. Easy To Be Hard
18. Don't Put It Down
19. Frank Mills
20. Be-In (Hare Krishna)
21. Where Do I Go?
22. Electric Blues
23. Black Boys/White Boys
24. Walking In Space
25. Abie Baby/Gettysburg Address
26. Three-Five-Zero-Zero
27. What A Piece Of Work Is Man/Walking In Space (Reprise)
28. Good Morning Starshine
29. The Bed
30. Eyes Look Your Last/Ain't Got No (Reprise)/The Flesh Failures (Let The Sun Shine In)


Download stage production of hair
Hair 1968 London cast MP3
Download stage production of hair
Hair 1968 London cast MP3
Download stage production of hair   Hair 1968 London cast MP3

Download stage production of hair
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